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Peter James Public Appearances 2006 - 2007

Some new dates for appearances this year:

December 3rd
Munich, Germany

December 5th to 11th
Courmayeur, Italy - at the “Cormayeur Noir In Festival” – I will be a judge on the International Jury of Cinema. On Thursday Nov 27th at 10.30 I will be interviewed about Dead Simple and my writing by Lia Volpatti.

Jan 31st - Feb 5th, 2007
Paris - attending the literary Festival St Quentin, where I am shortlisted for Le Polar Noir

In 2007 I have a lot of travelling scheduled, which I'm very excited about. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, South Africa, Sweden, France, Germany and the USA are all awaiting confirmation. I'll post details here when they are firmed up.


  • At 8:15 AM , Anonymous Joann said...

    I am so excited that your trip to Singapore is 'in writing' !
    I am so looking forward to meeting you at the book signing.
    I've just this morning bought Sweet Heart and Twilight.
    Started Twilight first and my 1 hour lunch went to 2 before I realised the coffee was cold and I was the last one left in the tiny coffee shop!!
    It's (as usual!) a brilliant book Peter, so well written and talk about tenion packed!.
    I cannot read it quick enough.
    Am going to try and be strong and keep Sweet Heart for the flight to Hong Kong next week........ what are my chances?!


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