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Ken Owen, who chose my Roy Grace novels as his Specialist Subject on Mastermind (the show will screen early in spring, 2012) has kindly prepared a fun Xmas quiz based around my Roy Grace novels for you. Some questions are straightforward, and some will require sleuthing work worthy of Roy Grace's detective skills !!!

First prize will be a magnum of Champagne plus a signed hardback of Perfect People, and there will be four runner-up prizes of a signed hardback of Perfect People.

There is a tie-breaker limerick, and, separately, there will be another magnum of Champagne awarded for the limerick we like best!

The competition closes on January 6th.

Here is the link:



  • At 12:03 PM , Anonymous Steve Cowling said...

    Not sure about the quiz - I'd need to read all the books again! Not that I'd mind that - just too busy at the moment.

    More important - Christmas is Just for The Kids - wonderful! Mr. James goes Dickensian. Does she go back to the house, I wonder?


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