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All your comments, if you have any views, would be of interest.

Just over a year ago I was approached by Brighton MP Caroline Lucas and Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett, Commander of Brighton and Hove Police to see if I would be willing to chair a new Commission, set up by the Safe in the City Partnership, to examine the drugs problem which as for so long blighted Brighton, just as it does every city in the western world and beyond. Brighton, in particular, has for many years been tagged with the unwelcome, and tragic soubriquet of "Injecting Drug Death Capital of the UK" My deputy chair is the very impressive Mike Trace, who was Tony Blair's "drugs czar".

Our brief was to see if we could identify the key issues, and perhaps find new solutions or at least improvements.

The Commission has now published draft recommendations and is inviting local residents to comment.

MP Caroline Lucas has invited speakers from the Commission to a public meeting (details below) as an opportunity for local residents to hear more and have their say.

All welcome!

Independent Drugs Commission for Brighton & Hove: Public Meeting

City College Main Hall, Pelham Street

6 – 7.30pm

Wednesday 27 February

For the draft report and recommendations see

Feedback is requested by 1 March and can be submitted at



Got invited to a lunch in Sydney by an old friend here. "Just a bunch of mates who appreciate decent wine" he said.

Yep, he wasn't lying!!! This is what 7 of us managed to get through in a great restaurant called Le Grande Bouffe - and we still were able to walk out of the restaurant unaided! Well, my memory tells me we did.....


Peter James E-books

I'm pleased to deliver some exciting news to my fans in the United States! Starting now, you have access to ALL EIGHT of my Roy Grace novels in e-book format, available on Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Not many of you may know this, but in 1994, in addition to the normal print versions, Penguin published my novel Host on two floppy disks bound inside a hard cover, billing it 'the world's first electronic novel'. I don't think any of us had expected the outrage it subsequently caused! I was front page news on many papers around the world, accused of trying to kill the novel. The Times had a very amusing piece, its journalist lugging his desktop computer and a generator down to the beach, to read Host in his deckchair.

Suddenly, and totally accidentally, I was being regarded as a leading 'expert' in this new arena, and asked to give all kinds of talks about the future. I was invited to be a keynote speaker at a conference on the future of the novel at the University of Southern California, where, very scarily, I found myself sharing the platform with Apple founder Steve Jobs, the President of Time Warner, and the founder of the MIT Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte. I said back then, almost 20 years ago, that eBooks would only take off when they became as nice to read as the printed page, and when there was a more convenient way of reading them. The Kindle, Apple iPad, Nook and other eReaders have now made that a reality.

You can find the books online at the following links. Enjoy!

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble (Nook)

iTunes (iPad, iPhone)


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