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Hall of Fame and Facebook New Year's Resolution competition results!

Hall of Fame Winners 2013:

Martin Ellis getting booked for speeding, in style, in Charles Pic's F1 car! He need something to read in case he gets bored whizzing around the circuits... (from Martin Ellis)

An authentic crime novel - blood and all (from Tracey Thomas)

Solving crimes are a piece of cake for Pam Walker…Happy Birthday! (from Stuart Walker)

Congratulations, you have each won a signed original 2010 copy of the Peter James novella - The Perfect Murder - which is currently touring the UK as a stage play starring Les Dennis and Claire Goose. Please contact with your postal address.

Facebook New Year's Resolution winners:

Susan Craven
Tracy Lang
Belle Fry
Heather Brohman
Martin Pearce
Alison Aslett

They each win a signed copy of Peter's newly re-released first novel, Dead Letter Drop. Please contact with your postal address.



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